Yesterday, I had an amazing time meeting a few members of the Girl Gang group on Facebook. The event took place in:

The Pace (Creative Coworkers)
520 Alexander Street
Vancouver, BC

This event was called Girl Gang – Networking Event for Women in Tech, Comm, and Media.

What Is Girl Gang?

As stated on their Facebook Page:

Girl Gang connects Metro Vancouver-based women in media, communications, tech and related fields to foster connections and support one another in our professional development.

How we define “women” is broad and open to change. We include cis-women and trans women, as well as gender-fluid and folks identifying on the femme-spectrum. Trans men are also welcome.

We share jobs, resources, collaboration opportunities, personal projects and feminist ephemera intended to spark conversation and inspiration.

Want to host an event? hold a workshop? start a magazine? spark a revolution? Do it. Post on the GG wall to find collaborators.

Founded in 2011, GG has grown from 10 members sharing pints at the Legion to a bustling online community of 6,000+ members.

Girl Gang – Networking Event for Women in Tech, Comm, and Media

This was my first meetup with the Girl Gang members. I have joined Girl Gang on Facebook since January 2019 but this was my first ever meet up with the group.

During this meetup, it was a great chance to meet all the moderators and people who are part of this group. I made a lot of connections where I found out more about others.

While we were there we first had a chance to create our nametag. After creating our name tag we had a chance to talk to people. There was a short speech as well by the moderators where they got to introduce themselves. Then throughout the event, I met people with diverse skill sets and had a chance to meet a lot of great people who I may potentially work with or collaborate with in the future.

Feifei Digital Ltd Sponsored The Event For April 15 2019!

During the event, I had a chance to take a few photos of the event. These are all great memories that needed to be documented.

Thank you to the moderators who have allowed me to become a sponsor during the event. I hope to go to more events like this in the future! And if you are a women entrepreneur in Vancouver, join the Facebook Girl Gang group! We would love to meet more people and have a larger community where us women can help support one another!