Trends Affecting the Development Field 2022

My Background

My name is Monika. I have finished studying the:

  • Medical Office Assistant Certificate

  • Applied Computer Information Systems Certificate

  • Digital Design and Development Diploma

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

I am now currently working on completing:

  • Applied Software Development Certificate

  • Computer Systems Certificate

  • Provincial Instructors Diploma

I am a very ambitious individual who values education and my career goals. From my educational background you can now get a general understanding as to why I chose the topic on automation for programmers. Though I have studied the business and website development, I am now getting more into the software development side of things as well. The reason I decided to study in all these areas is because I am passionate about knowing how coding interacts with the web and different electronics we use. Moreso, how these eletronics impact the business. With this well-rounded knowledge, I feel I will be more efficient in providing the right technologies for the companies I work at and/or I will be able to provide more examples to my students when I am a professor.

Summary of Article

The article titled “Will Programming Be Automated?” goes over how automation will affect a programmer’s job. Many programmers have been worrying about this the last few years. Some people say that programmers will be obsolete in the near future and some say they will not. However, this article talks about how incorporating automation into the programmer’s work will actually make them more efficient. This doesn’t mean they will lose their job, it just means they will save time in all the projects they have going on. Additionally, “the number of programming jobs may decline, but aspiring programmers can look forward to around 9,700 new positions each year” (Team, 2021).

The article talks about how the programmers evolve into their new defined roles. Having automation means there will be “faster program writing, reduced risk of error and better project scopin” (Team, 2021). With these perks there is no reason why companies would not want to go with automation. If automation can save time producing code templates, finding and fixing bugs why wouldn’t companies want to go with automating their processes should be the question.

My Thoughts

I believe there are three different phases that programmers go through when thinking about if automation will take over someone’s career. The three phases are the:

  • Junior

  • Intermediate

  • Senior

The junior programmer is someone who is new and excited about the field. They are more focused on learning as much as possible. They may have looked into a few career opportunities in the near future but they do not see programming as something that will go obsolete. Intermediate developers I believe are more inclined to think that automation will take over their careers. They are in the midst of their careers where they are starting to see articles about automation taking over their careers. They may start to stress out about the future of their careers because they do see a lot of their work being automated. Compared to denior developers, they love to see automation take over. Senior programmers are always looking for the fastest, timely and cost-effective way to go about their day. They do not worry about losing their job because they are still involved in the process of developing those automations.

© Alexandersikov

Where I see everyone has an issue when it comes to automation would be if automation took over employee’s jobs. This could lead to layoffs in the company. Realisticly, if I think about automation and about how it can reduce the time it takes for a developer to complete their project(s),  the company can actually save money and take on more projects. In my mind, I see a low chance of layoffs happening because if a company sees that the programmers have more time on their hands they will more likely take on additional clients. This will result in a larger profit which all companies want.

I see automation affecting the teacher’s role is in two ways: the teacher needs to inform students of the automation process which will take more time for the teacher to research or the teacher may need to rethink their career in what they want to teach. If the teacher wants to continue teaching programming, then they will need to look into how programmers can effectively design, create test and program automations. These three phases are known as design goals. Once the teacher can formulate their class to teach the fundamentals to students, it will become more applicable towards their future career. On the other hand, if the teacher decides now that to re-due all of their course material will be a waste of time, they may want to consider another job. The purpose of being a teacher is to always be researching and updating the content for students to learn the latest trends. Without constant research the students will be behind in todays market when they go out to apply for jobs.


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