Whether it is a friendship, acquaintance, or any other type of relationship we all had those people who we know just aren’t good for us. It is up to us to decide if we should keep going in the relationship, or walk away. Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away. There is nothing worse than keeping someone in your life who does not make you happy. Here are some signs that it is time to walk away.

  • You Aren’t Happy Anymore

    You seem to worry and never smile around the person anymore. You cannot smile, or even fake a smile. It just brings you sadness when you are around the person. When you aren’t happy, you will not enjoy any of the time you spend around them. Is it really worth wasting your time with them?

  • Your Gut Says So

    What never lets me down is my gut feeling. When it’s time to leave, you will know by the feeling you have inside. It’s not worth trying to force a relationship when you know the other person is never going to change. Your gut will tell you a lot if you just take the time to listen to it.

  • You Avoid The Person

    Avoid your problems never helps. But if you constantly see yourself or not even feel like wanting to engage with someone this is another good indication that it is time to walk away. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. It is just about making sure you keep the right people in your life and staying positive.

  • Ghosting

    Have you ever tried working things out with someone but they seem to avoid all communication and contact? Well, this is another sign it is time to walk away. If you aren’t heard and you don’t feel like what you are saying matters it is time to leave.

  • Lack Of Respect

    If there is no respect in any of your relationships, it is time to leave. Whether it has been your time, money, mentality or anything else that has been disrespected, it is time to walk away. In order to have any type of relationship, you need to make sure you and the other person respect each other. If there is no respect the relationship is doomed, and it’s best to walk away.