Today I had the pleasure in attending the Impact By Leadership Conference. It was an enjoyable experience. This is definitely an event I would recommend anyone who is interested in attending leadership type events. Below I have outlined some key aspects of why I love about going to these types of events.

  • Connecting/Networking

    The IxL event was definitely what I expected it to be. I was able to connect with other leaders and figure out what their goals and aspirations were. It was great hearing more about what others were learning, wanting to start, or just hearing about their story. I am definitely a big advocate when it comes to networking because it can lead to potential collaborations in the future.

  • Speakers

    The speakers I was happy to watch included Angus Reid, Jacqueline Way, Renee Jacobs, Nigel J. Bennett, Trevor O’Rourke, Aanikh Kler, Travis Stevenson, and Kirsten Anderson. They were all very interesting to watch. They had a powerful and meaningful message. They had a great presence on stage. My goal is definitely to be someone who can stand up on stage and be like them someday.

  • How To Construct Business Presentations That Win Collaborations By Renee Jacobs

    It was great listening to Renee’s experiences and tips she had shared with us on how to be an effective presenter. The reason I chose to listen in on this presentation was that I have always wanted to improve on my presentation skills. I am definitely not the best, but I definitely have a great message. I just needed to figure out how I can improve my presentation skills. She gave some great tips on making sure you are able to incorporate humor and tell a story with emotion. These are some interesting ideas and something I will try incorporating in my presentation skills.

  • Bringing All Your C’s To The “Playground” – Kristen Anderson

    It was great listening to Kisten’s presentation on how to make the workplace more fun and enjoyable environment. I love the fact that we got to play with lego and marshmallows. These were all fun team building activities and great ice breakers. I loved being able to listen in to other peoples stories and see how other people think and work.