Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter Kit Review

Today I decided to review the Parrot Teleprompter Kit.

This Teleprompter will be used for a lot of client and personal youtube video reviews I want to make. This is a great product because you will never have to remember your lines again. This kit snaps onto your Camera and holds your smart phone to display the text right in front of the camera lens. This makes it look like you are looking directly at the lens while you are reading your lines.

Here is some detailed information:

  • ON-THE-GO: Transform your smartphone into a professional, lightweight, and mobile teleprompter. With easy-to-read text displayed on a quality 30R/70T beam splitter glass screen, your video productions will always be professional.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter works with any smartphone and can be mounted to almost any DSLR camera, plus other Padcaster products such as the Padcaster for iPad and Padcaster Verse for smartphones.
  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: Easily mount The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter by attaching directly to the lens filter thread of almost any camera. Additional accessories may also be used with the Parrot for more professional results.
  • USER-FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY: The free Padcaster Parrot app is easy to use with your cell phone and is compatible with both iOS and Android.
  • WIRELESS SOLUTION: The Padcaster Parrot Teleprompter comes with a Bluetooth Remote so you can pause, play, and adjust speed remotely