This was a last minute trip that was planned one week before leaving Vancouver. However, I wanted to share my experience of what the top 5 items you should bring on your 4-day trip.

I did a lot of research on what attractions to go to. I got some passes which I got from Smart Destinations. I got the 2 choices pass. You can look at “Build your own” to get an idea of the various places you would like to see. This pass was definitely worth it because the adult pass is $89 and you will save a lot of money rather than buying the ticket directly at the different attractions.

I got to have my first experience flying First class/Business class to New York. It was definitely a fun experience. You get a full meal, any drinks you want, enough leg space, your own cabin area, and a TV.

  • Camera

    The number one I believe to bring is a good camera! Enjoy your experience, create and capture the memories. If this is your first time going to New York you will definitely want a camera. There are so many interesting places to explore.

  • Backpack

    When Travelling to New York I only brought my backpack. Since I was not there long all I needed was one backpack that would carry everything. It helped carry my clothes, hairbrush, hair straightener, chargers, and money. The best part of having just a backpack is that you don’t need to pull extra luggage and wait for your luggage at the airport. When I got into my hotel I made sure I removed some Items I don’t need and just held what I needed when walking around New York.

  • Extra Tops and Pants

    When going on a 4-day trip you definitely was at least one extra top and bottom. You never know if you might spill something on your shirt. Also, you want to make sure you can change your top if you can every day because you will be walking a lot and sweat. This will also help give you options on what to wear no matter where you want to explore.

  • Extra Money

    Once you have planned out how much money you will be spending on different activities, foods etc. You will want some extra money in case you find anything you want to buy. Even bringing some credit cards if you don’t want to carry extra cash. Even if you don’t spend it all that will leave you with extra money. But also if you need to leave your trip earlier you will have extra money to pay for the ticket.

  • Comfortable Shoes

    When you are in New York you definitely want comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot. Since my hotel was in the Manhatten area all the shops and main attractions were fairly close so I walked everywhere. But of course, there were some outlying attractions where I had to take the subway/bus. Since I traveled in February I wore my boots which kept me very warms and it was comfortable to walk in.