When I went to New York there were a lot of attractions and events to go to. But since I only went for 4 days I had a limited amount of time. I will be summarizing what top attractions I thought are must see places!

1. Rainbow Bagel

Are you looking for that rainbow bagel place everyone has been raving a few years ago? Well, this could be one of the things for you to do in New York!

I had a chance to check out The Bagel Store when I was in New York. The images I saw online of the bagels looked amazing! Who else wouldn’t want to taste the amazing rainbow bagel?

Of course, I went in the morning when I was very hungry. I tried the Valentines Bagel with Nutella Cream Cheese and Original Rainbow Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese. If you have a big sweet tooth this will definitely be something to check out. It was definitely interesting trying out the bagels with the different cream cheese. The bagels were very colorful and beautiful to look at and definitely satisfied my sweet tooth craving.

2. Grand Central

Grand Central is definitely one of the things to check out when you are in New York. This is the commuter rail terminal which is located on 42nd Street and Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Many movies have been filmed in this location such as The Avengers, The Fisher King, A Stranger is Watching and much more.

The area was definitely very big with high ceilings and beautifully handcrafted walls. In the grand central you can also find a few jobs and a food court for all your morning breakfast or go-to snack needs.

3. Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island Cruise

While in New York on my second day I took the Statue Of Liberty and Ellis Island Cruise. The cruise lasted for around 3 hours. I got to see the famous Statue Of Liberty and Brooklyn Bridge. I didn’t have time to go inside the Statue Of Liberty but if you have the chance you should definitely go for it! But it was good enough for me to see the famous landmark. Also, because I planned this trip last minute I couldn’t get any tickets to go to the top of the Statue Of Liberty. You have to get the tickets a few months in advance because they sell out fast.

Secondly, I got to see the famous Brooklyn Bridge. It was a very large structure and very beautiful to see. I love looking at architecture which made it very nice to see.

4. Empire State Building

The Empire State Building was definitely a fun place to go to. It took only a few seconds for the elevator to reach the top. While you go to the top they play a video on the roof of the elevator to make it more fun. When you reach the top it is definitely an amazing sight to see. If you are afraid of heights it might be best not to look down. It was so high that looking down made me afraid to go near the windows or fences. However, it was a great experience to see the buildings all over Manhattan.

5. National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey

The National Geographic Encounter Ocean Odyssey was definitely very nice to see. The neon lights and underwater-like environment made it an interesting experience. This place is definitely great if you love National Geographic and have kids who would like to explore and learn about the find underwater. The place is great for adults as well if you are interested in learning. There is a section where they take you in a movie theater to see what its like deep within the ocean.

6. 42nd Street

42nd Street is one of the popular roads to walk down at night. Their nightlife is filled with lights, music, food, and people. The street is filled with popular shops to walk around in. They have the famous 3-way corner where they always show the globe that drops on New Year’s Eve on the TV. There are a lot of famous live theaters that you can go into and see. However, you will definitely want to reserve your seats well ahead of time because they sell out fast.

7. Color Factory

The Color Factory was one of the most fun places I went to in New York! Before you even get into the color factory you get to have a Mochi treat. Then you are put into groups and you head into a room where you pick your favourite color. You then form a line and you go into another room with your partner where you begin to draw and color each other. Thirdly, you get to go into this balloon type room. fourthly, you head into this maze type room where you answer questions until you get into the room that matches your personality. Then you begin to go into the neon room where it is dark and the fool lights up. Lastly, there is a ball pit. Throughout the entire experience, you will get various treats along the way. This is definitely a place you want to put on your bucket list.

8. St Thomas Church

The St. Thomas Church is a great place if you want to see architecture. The sculptures and patterns on the walls and ceilings will take your breath away. It was an amazing time learning more about the church and I would definitely recommend visiting this landmark!

9. Numero 28 Restuarant Pizzeria

Eating at the Numero 28 Pizzeria will definitely have your mouth drooling! There were two pizza’s that we got. One of them had prosciutto and another one had ham and potato. They both tasted amazing! I got to see the pizza man make the pizza and cook it in front of the fire stove. It was definitely a great experience and I would recommend others to try it too.

10. Uniqlo

Lastly, go to Uniqlo! You will definitely be amazed by how big that store is! The store has every item in every color. This Uniqlo has definitely been the biggest one I have seen. I definitely had a fun shopping spree in that store!