Are you ready to ride ELA in Vancouver and Surrey? This was definitely the first time I have ever ridden in an electronic autonomous shuttle. It was a cute and small transportation vehicle that made it super fun to ride in. Want to know some of the pros and cons so far? Keep reading! You can also check out where to read more about ELA by clicking here.


  • Compact

    ELA is definitely a cute compact vehicle. What I mean by that is it’s like a minibus. But definitely will make it really easy to park this vehicle.

  • Color

    I am in love with the color of ELA. Pink, white and grey are definitely one of the color combinations I love. The exterior and interior look very modern. It definitely stands out while being driven around the city.

  • No Driver Needed

    This is definitely an interesting idea of having self-driving cars. It makes it a lot easier to relax and not have to worry about what is on the road but you can enjoy the view around you. This would definitely make for an easy ride to work for one of those early morning shifts.


  • Sudden Breaks

    The vehicle definitely felt safe at times but it comes to hard stops when dust or particles fly by. The sudden stops do make me question how reliable the car really is. However, its great at sensing what is around.

  • Does Not Stop On A Red Light

    ELA has not been programmed to stop at red lights yet. Good thing there is security around to help drive traffic. However, this is a beta and a test run for everyone to ride for a short distance which is understandable.